Duck Warfare v1.3.5

Money increases

Protect your park from being taken from you by the GÜSCO corporation!
Developer: lonelybench
Genre: Strategy
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Game Description

Editor's Words:

Today I wanna share the game Duck Warfare, a really addictive & amazing strategy game.

This is exactly the game I wanted to play in years. The developers have done a good job to make such an exciting game like Duck Warfare.

If you ask my thoughts on this game, I'd say this game is addictive, challenging and tactical.

We provide you with a FULL MOD APK version of this game that you can cheat & hack all the way you want. You won't have to worry about deaths or running out of money anymore.

Playing Duck Warfare (mod apk version) is a good choice to relax, get rid of all the stress come from work or school (lol).


The GÜSCO (pronounced goose-co) corporation is trying to take your park! Join forces with over 20 ducks and fight for your home in the quackiest game ever!

• Simple controls for anyone to pick up and play
• 24 ducks to unlock and fight with, each with unique attacks and animations
• 5 Areas with 40 different unique enemies
• Playful cartoon graphics
• 5 viewmaster-style comics
• Easy to learn, but hard enough for less casual players to enjoy
• Achievements
• No In App-Purchases!
• No Ads!


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Genre: Strategy
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