King of war-Fantasy Journey v2.0.5

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Street fighting, fighting king, arcade , Monkey King, street fighter King,monkey
Developer: SunStar Game Inc
Genre: Action
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Game Description

Editor's Words:

People are going crazy with the game King of war-Fantasy Journey, a really addicted & amazing action game.

The music creators created the music for this game so good that made the vibe for it, you will feel it when play it.

A greater thing is that this is a FULL MOD APK, so you will enjoy the game with unlimited moneys or lives that you cannot stop figuring out all the ways to play this addicted game!

Playing King of war-Fantasy Journey (mod version) will make your friends envy your results that you'll get (lol).


Comparable to the PC action game heavy combat flu, including moves skills, spells, skills, gain skills and passive skills up to dozens of skills skill tree, the other contains the legend, epic, dark gold, etc. up to thousands of pieces of the best equipment, skill full of BOSS war, plenty of copy, a huge and wonderful story of the world !
* Cross-action game, gorgeous screen take you into the world of Monkey King.
* Good sense of combat moves and allows you to experience the gorgeous refreshing sense of combat.
* A rich variety of game systems, which immerse you play

Game wonderful video link:
More tutorials please subscribe to us YouTube account: SunStar


Sounds exciting, right? Why bother playing like usual players while you can download the modded version and play like a god? Get it now!

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Genre: Action
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