Stone Giant v1.0

Unlimited Money

Turn into boulder and get into rampage!
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Developer: Naxeex Publishing
Genre: Simulation
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Download Counter: 1245 download(s)
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Game Description

Editor's Words:

People are going crazy with the game Stone Giant, a really addicted & amazing simulation game.

This is exactly the game I wanted to play in years. The developers have done a good job to make such an exciting game like Stone Giant.

We provide you with a FULL MOD APK version of this game that you can cheat & hack all the way you want. You won't have to worry about deaths or running out of money anymore.

Playing Stone Giant (mod version) will make your friends envy your results that you'll get (lol).


You got brand new magnificent character:
• Check his unique skills
• Find out all advantages of transmutation
• Explore the Big city
and smash all your enemies!

The rock gave you explosive super power. Now you are usual guy with unusual abilities and no one can’t stop you now! Neither the police, nor the army, nor the gangs, nor the rest.
Help or punish, become an evil destroyer or a mighty savior for citizens…
Just walk, run, jump, beat, buy, strike, steal, drive, crash, rage, turn, smash, throw, attack, explode, play and enjoy it.
Download the game and start maximum overdrive by your stone fists!


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Total Downloads: 1245 dl(s)
Genre: Simulation
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